Stuff #2 - March 2019

Welcome, Reader, to the second edition of Stuff — a catch-up of sorts to let you in on news and what-have-you around these parts. It’s been a while, so let’s get to it!


My next Stranger Things book is coming out later this month —March 26th!— from Penguin Random House. It’s a two-in-one yearbook filled with character profiles, in-universe extras, and all sorts of AV Club-approved fun. It’s called “Hawkins Middle School Yearbook / Hawkins High School Yearbook,” and it’s available wherever books are sold.


Sadly, The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 did not win the Texas Bluebonnet, but my kudos and congrats go out to the authors who did. Also, on a personal note: sincere thanks to my buddy Honest Lee for giving me the chance to write those books with him. For those asking about a Book 7: I don’t know if Class will ever be back in session, but… long live, Classroom 13!

And thus concludes the second edition of Stuff.