July 3rd = Halloween

Your calendar is most likely telling you that Halloween isn't until October 31st.  

Well, your calendar is WRONG.

I don't mean to call every single calendar a liar, or tarnish the reputation of all those good, upstanding desk calendars that do their part day-in and day-out of each year, teaching grown-ups new words, or showing us pictures of puppies and kitties and duckies (who are fwends!), all while simultaneously reminding us when Aunt Edna's birthday is in big, bold type.  Those calendars are alright in my book.  

I have an issue with those other calendars that continue to spread misinformation and tell us that Halloween is on October 31st this year when I know good and well that it's actually earlier.

Much earlier.  

That's right, Halloween is on July 3rd this year.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Classroom 13.

Next Tuesday, July 3rd, the Class' newest adventure hits bookshelves and online stores everywhere!  The Happy and Heinous Halloween of Classroom 13!   

Trick or treat yourself to a copy and let me know what you think! 

Trick or treat, smell my feet,