Class on the Dot!

"Alexa, what's the weather right now?" 

"Alexa, how do you say monkey poop in French?"

"Alexa, why does my grandpa's hair smell like the inside of an old sneaker?" 

These were just some of the softball questions you could ask Amazon's Alexa.  Until now.

According to this Publishers Weekly article, if you have the Echo Dot Kids Edition, and you're a Classroom 13 fan, you can hit Alexa with the biggest, life-changing question of them all: "Alexa, can you ask Classroom 13 to tell me a story?"

And then POOF! A cloud of smoke appears at your feet and something crazy happens!  (Ok, you got me, that doesn't happen.  I don't actually know what happens because I don't own an Echo Dot.  I fear technology that knows why my grandpa smells the way he does.) Apparently, you get a story/immersive experience/whatchamacallit with the djinn from Book 2.  


Don't forget to read all about the djinn's original adventure with the Class in The Disastrous Magical Wishes of Classroom 13

'Til next time,